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Bouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller is internationally renowned for his innovation and dedication in his culinary pursuits. After working in Palm Beach and apprenticing in the kitchens of some of the greatest French chefs he gained recognition in New York City at Le Reserve and Restaurant Raphael before opening his first restaurant, Rakel, in 1986. He moved on to become the executive chef at Checkers Hotel in Los Angeles.

Keller purchased “The French Laundry” in 1994 with the goal of creating a three star Fremch restaurant in the heart of Napa Valley. having received numerous awards and accolades, including International Association of Culinary Professionals awards, Keller opened “Bouchon” in Yountvilled, California and “Bouchon Bakery” next door. He opened a second “Bouchon” in Las Vegas, as well as the highly anticipated “Per Se” and “Bouchon Patisserie” in the Time Warner building in New York.

Gilbeaux Associates is proud to have been chosen to perform the mechanical/electrical and plumbing engineering for “Bouchon Patisserie”.

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