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Overview 307 International Circle T-Mobile Bouchon Bakery

307 International Circle

This project involved the complete gutting and renovation of a 200,000 sw. ft. building, including the construction of a new 3 floor atrium complete with Grand Piano. Gilbeaux Associates provided 16 tons of cooling via new water-source heat pumps, to maintain comfort and humidity levels year-round.

The existing HVAC systems included a 600 ton cooling tower, duplex pumps, and 12 self-contained units. Gilbeaux refurbished all existing units, added 120 additional tons of cooling, a 4000 Amp electic service, and a 500 KW emergency generator to provide continuous power for tennant services.

New high-efficiency fans and motors were brought in to distrubute the air,. andimproved return air grills were installed. Lighting fixures were upgraded to high-efficiency models. New building automation and fire safety upgrades were also implemented. Tennants were empowered to go online and manage temperature controls from their desktops.

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